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Our Dogs

We look forward to our upcoming litter arriving at the end of February 2023 we have breed Rhythm and for more information on the pedigree of the litter you can check it out here  Our Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrievers are breed for versatility, health and exceptional temperament while maintaining the breed standard.  If you are wanting to inquire about available puppies please email us and tell us a bit about yourself and why you think a Toller is the right dog for you. Due to the amount of inquires we get it's difficult to follow up with everyone, I try but it's not always possible. To see what our dogs are up to you can follow us on Instagram and Facebook.


Penny - May 12 2011

TCH GrCH Seaterrace Princess Leia Can TDX, UTDX, RE, AADC, CD, CGN Am TD, RN

Penny is an amazing dog, she was the first Toller in Canada to achieve her Tracking Championship, among many other accomplishments. She has been my partner in agility, tracking, obedience, rally and loved coming to work with me daily. She has a wonderful disposition and loves to learn new tricks.  She taught me so much but the most important thing she taught me was I needed to be smarter then my Toller. She had two litters one with Seaterrace Tollers as a co-own and one litter with us in 2016

Willow in the snow.jpg

Willow - Oct 6 2016

ArbutusRidge Wild as a River CGN,CD, TD

Willow is an extremely high drive dog, she will go forever and easily forgets when to stop. She does have a great off switch and loves to cuddle when she's not playing. Unfortunately Willow was not able to be breed but she's living her best life with us on the farm.


Rhythm - Nov 3 2020

Watermark's She's Got Rhythm at Arbutusridge

This young girl is a little firecracker, always on the go with just the right amount of mischief! When she's not playing, she can be found cuddled up to one of our other dogs or one her humans. Super outgoing, loves everyone and is an absolute delightful girl. Rhythm is enjoying agility, tracking, obedience and rally and I'm really looking forward to getting her back into the show ring during 2022.

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