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Sales policy for goats

Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats will be listed as available on our Facebook and Instagram pages.  Once the goats are listed you can express your interest in the comments and after 48 hours we will be in contact with you regarding availability. If you would like to meet the goats to make sure its the right fit for you, appointments can be made. We will have kids and a few adults available for sale this year, we are planning 5 litters from March 1 to October. Once you have been advised that a goat is available a 50% deposit is required to hold the goat until it's ready for its new home. Our goats are tested yearly for Johne's, CAE and CL, a copy of the testing will be emailed to you before you put a deposit on your new goat. 

Wethers will be ready at 10 weeks old, we are delaying the banding of our wethers to prevent the possibility of future issues with urinary calculi. The price for wethers is 300.00 and they will have their first vaccination and be disbudded.

Doelings will be ready at 12-16 weeks old, this is depending on their weights and maturity and how they are developing.  It is important to get our kids off to the best start possible and this is why there is a range of age before we send them off to their forever homes. The price for doelings is 700.00 this includes registration, vaccination if requested and disbudding.  

Our goats come with a basic care instruction sheet to get them settled in their new homes, we can email this in advance if requested. We will send you with some of the hay they are eating at the time, a small amount of minerals and they will have their hooves trimmed. We treat all our goats as a precaution for coccidia and will treat them prior to them leaving the farm.  

Come prepared to take your new goat home, this includes a proper kennel with bedding or non slip pad.  Make sure you fully understand the responsibility of owning a goat and basic care.  Goats cannot live alone and need another goat for company, we will not sell only one goat if you do not have another at home. 

Disbudding - We do our best when disbudding our goats but there is no guarantee that scurs do not occur.

Returns and guarentees - When your goat leaves here it will be in optimal health, vaccinated and treated for coccidia as a prevention. We cannot take goats back once they have left the farm for bio-security reasons. We will not be held responsible for any goats death or illness once it leaves the farm, due to the nature of living animals we cannot make guarantees. We are always available by phone, email or messaging for any questions that you have and will support you to the best of our ability with basic knowledge (not medical advise) as you transition into goat ownership.  

We really do appreciate hearing from owners that purchase our goats and photo's are always appreciated.  If you purchase a doeling from us we would love to see pictures of developed udders and any milking records you may be keeping.  This helps us improve our lines to breed the best possible dairy goats.

Thank you for considering purchasing a goat from our farm, you can feel confident that you are getting a well socialized goat that has been loved and given the optimal conditions to thrive. 

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